Melbourne’s 4th lockdown: Is the industry handling it differently this time?

Back to news8th June 2021

As Melbourne hopes to come out of its latest lockdown on Thursday, workers and residents in the state capital have been trying to stay positive this time around.

Have offices been approaching things differently this time around? And how are businesses helping their staff through this lockdown? Mumbrella asked some of Melbourne’s key industry figures on how lockdown 4.0 has gone so far.

Ryvalmedia managing director, Joseph Pardillo:

“While Melbourne lockdown 4.0 has caused disruption across the state, it’s been business as usual for the team at Ryvalmedia.

Last year’s lockdown was a bigger challenge but one that we overcame without breaking many strides, given that our agile working model was fortuitously born and fit-for-purpose in what was to become the operational norm for businesses in a pandemic.

As a digital-driven agency, the change from physical to virtual didn’t require a major adjustment, and the team adapted brilliantly. We are continuing to prioritise our team’s wellbeing, keeping them motivated and inspired through regular communication and transparency.

I also think it’s a moment in time where you can, more than ever, rally together with your leadership team to navigate things through as a strong collective – you can’t do it as a solo captain leading the charge through a screen. Being a virtual family is what times like this genuinely need, with team engagement across screen, iPad, phone, and everything in between. Great people, as much as superior capability, is the critical lockdown antidote.

Partnering with clients with empathy and a genuine human touch overrides any adversity. More than ever, clients want a true partner as an extension of their marketing team experiencing unprecedented disruption together.”

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